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CWS: 1.1 - Accounting / Solomon's Judgment

If you haven't read my disclaimer/foreward about the Confrontation with Satan series, please do so. It provides some context/intent for the story. Without it, you may come to any number of absurd conclusions about me and this story.

Confrontation with Satan : Book 1 - Accounting : Chapter 1 - Solomon's Judgement

Solomon found himself in a darkened room, laying on an uncomfortable bed . He did not recognize his surroundings, nor did he recognize the face of the man who stared down at him, the form barely visible but the idealized Nordic facial features being visible enough. His voice resonated and struck fear in Solomon's heart: "You're dead, Solomon. Or at least, you are as good as dead. You've been judged. I think you're on your way to an eternity in Hell."

The voice chuckled, but there was no laughter from Solomon; only silence. He was paralyzed with fear. "Hell?" he thought. "Why? I tried my best. I know I screwed up in life, but Hell? I thought I was forgiven. I thought if I made a sincere effort, I would end up in Heaven or maybe some outskirts of Heaven or some suburbia equivalent of a Divine City, but Hell? This can't ..."

"Oh but it is, Solomon. You don't think you deserve that outcome? Let me prove to you otherwise." The dark form expanded into a velvet darkness, making the entire room pitch black. Solomon could only feel shivers on his body, from both fear and an unnatural cold that caused his skin to pimple goosebumps. His lungs shrank, as if the darkness was choking him with the worst elements that belief in an afterlife could spawn.

Filling his view, stretching from periphery to periphery, his life flashed before his eyes. It was every bit of a cliché that he had heard from those who claimed to have experienced a near-death experience. It unfolded like a movie, beginning with his first memory and ending with his last memory. It would be brief to an onlooker, but Solomon felt it as an eternity. By the end, he could only mutter, "I'm sorry," before bursting into tears. His heart sank, as he slowly accepted the idea that he was dead.

Yet, Solomon's heart palpitated at the thought of Hell. "Hell doesn't exist. This can't be real. This is all a lie! Why the fuck am I here? This is total bullshit!" As he went to wipe the tears from his eyes, he found his arms were immobile. He tried to move his legs. Same. His head, fingers, toes, mouth, and eyes could not move. His entire body felt frozen; his only ability was looking straight ahead, eyes wide open, and his mind screaming what his mouth could not.

"You just apologized. Was that not an admission of guilt? Your own words not enough evidence for you?" asked the voice, quixotically. "Perhaps you need another look at your life? We can go through it in slow motion, if you like? Come to think about it, I think it would be more in the spirit of Hell if we just went through the worst parts of your life in slow motion. You can forget whatever good you did in life. Good deeds count for nothing in Hell."

Solomon saw his memories begin to unfold again, and he cried in agony, again. Though his tears streamed, he could not blink or close his eyes. The images of his memory pierced whatever blur that would have been caused by his tears. The experience was unnatural, as unnatural as Hell.

After it was done, golden eyes glinted at Solomon from a curtain of darkness. "Now, just one more time. Third time is a charm, and I'll make it hurt extra." It begun again, but this time, the worst and most painful memories were shown. They were the memories that made Solomon scream the loudest. They were the ones that confirmed his evil and affirmed to him that maybe, he did deserve to go to Hell.


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Apr. 10th, 2011 12:47 am (UTC)
You made some good points there. I did a search on the topic and found most people will agree with your blog.

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