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day 1 of The Fast

I slept through morning twilight which is expected since I went to sleep at 1am. I woke up in time for dawn prayers, but not in time for a pre-dawn breakfast so I skipped it. I broke fast well after sunset.

This year I bothered to actually print out a sunrise/sunset calendar. Funny how information can actually make things easier. In prior years, I always used darkness as the indicator... as in, I essentially fasted from the end of morning twilight to the beginning of evening twilight. So much to my surprise, fasting might be a bit easier this year... provided health doesn't impede things.

I spent my lunch hour praying. I'm looking forward to using The Fast as a vehicle to getting me back on a schedule resembling things before my back surgery. It might just work... although I'm not terribly happy about this massive sore throat and horrible nasal/respiratory problems. I'm not sure I really care if I'm permitted to break fast to heal... because well, these types of health problems have been my ongoing excuse. If my body fails me, I will have transgressed limits, and I'll have the certainty to know that I trangressed. Until then, I'm going to do my best to make it through all 19 days.

That said, I enjoyed today. I mean, there's nothing about my day that I can say was truly stellar from an employee perspective. It's a bit odd... almost like a joyful calm bordering on melancholy mood without pity or sadness.